About our Candidate

Rodney Weston is currently the Vice President of Transportation & Logistics for a privately owned global seafood business.

He has acquired a broad understanding of the Canadian economy through his involvement with an international leader in the seafood industry, serving as Chief of Staff to a NB Premier, a Provincial Cabinet minister and being a Federal Member of Parliament. This experience comes after having operated his own small business for several years.

In his current role, Rodney, is responsible for the coordination and growth of a transportation network that operates throughout North America. A large percentage being fresh product requiring just in time delivery to multiple destinations.

Rodney previously filled a variety of strategic roles in government where he developed a strong understanding of the “machinery of government” and how government policies can impact on certain industry sectors and the local, provincial and national economies. His role as Chief of Staff to Former Premier Bernard Lord had him in a position critical to the effective interaction between the provincial and federal governments. This knowledge was further strengthened as a Member of Parliament where exposure to federal policy and priority development demonstrated the role federal initiatives have on provinces, municipalities and the various economic sectors.

Family and Community have played a major role in Rodney’s life. He is a Former Volunteer Fire Chief, Deputy Mayor, Deacon in his church, and a member on numerous community boards. Rodney spends quality time with his family enjoying activates surrounding his son, including his numerous sporting activities.

Here are some of Rodney's Accomplishments as MP


Community services

$5,000,000  Oncology Centre, SJ Regional Hospital

$400,000  Loch Lomond Community Centre

$345,000  Hospice

$914,000  ONE Change

$191,892  Project PRUDE

$554,371  John Howard Society

$223,000 AIDS Saint John

$421,000  Key Industries

$5,798,000  Canada Summer Jobs

$250,000  Rainbow Park

$173,770  NB Breast & Women's Partnership

$157,730  Forest Hills School

$219,123  SJ Community Loan Fund

$276,225 Teen Resource Centre

$200,000  Rothesay Community Park

$281,150  Urban Core Support Network

$55,337  Bayside Middle School

$24,766  CHQC (Senior's radio)


Municipal infrastructure

$57,300,000  Clean drinking water

$2,000,000  Saint John Waterfront Development

$5,199,000  Rothesay water infrastructure

$220,447  Fundy Region Solid Waste Commission

$735,000  Rockwood Park

$479,609  Harbour Station

$32,018,082  Saint John, Gas Tax refund

$5,432,601  Rothesay, Gas Tax refund


Economic development

$68,300,000 Port SJ modernization

$4,500,000  Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal

$3,000,000 Barge Terminal

$200,000  Partridge Island

$300,000  Small Craft Harbour

$596,000  Enterprise Saint John + Funding for research and development



$5,200,000 New YMCA

$1,400,000  Canada Games Centre

$4,000,000  Rothesay Arena

$200,000  Renforth Park

$1,000,000  KV Valley Sports Fields



$10,500,000  UNB & NBCC

$2,800,000  Medical Residents for NB

$625,000  Dalhousie Medicine NB

$350,000  Small Business Internship


Arts & culture

$750,000  Cultural Capitals of Canada

$125,000  Comedy Awards and Festival

$973,740  Symphony NB

$140,650  SJ Theatre Company

$972,522  Imperial Theatre



40,100,000  Saint John Harbour Bridge

13,900,000  Saint John Transit

31,700,000  One Mile Interchange

210,000,000  Route 1 upgrades

62,000,000  Saint John-Digby Ferry


Affordable housing

$2,210,000  Abbey St. Andrews

$1,200,000  Crescent Valley Seniors' Housing

$480,000  Jenny's Spring Housing

$240,000  Newman Street Affordable Housing

$920,000  Father Eugene O'Leary Seniors Apartments

$480,000  Ken Val United Church Suites

$930,000  Newport

$3,500,000  Renovation & retrofit of affordable housing